Virtual trade shows

roomskale’s virtual trade show booths can be used as a stand-alone digital solution or in combination with your live presentation at the brick-and-mortar exhibition site.

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The show that
never stops

roomskale’s virtual trade show booths give customers the opportunity to preview and even test your new products, or download product specifications. They also give visitors the option of directly interacting with a sales representative to receive more personalized service and detailed information.

Using our easy-to-navigate technology – with a start menu that can be tailored to your needs – customers are able to visit a booth, stand or entire trade show with the optional advantage of live communication and consulting as well as interactive product sampling or configuration.

While your customers enjoy this service with no travel time, no overnight stays, and 24/7/365 accessibility, you benefit from customer lead generation, social media exposure and follow-up visits to your physical trade show presence.

roomskale charges a fixed basic price to implement your presentation concept with scalable pricing for optional extras like analytics, interactivity or hosting. Now that’s show-business!

Here you will find an overview of the most important functions


We say YES to unlimited accessibility. Whatever you’re presenting, displaying or selling, it is available to your customers any time of day or night and before, during or after the actual trade fair, exhibition, showroom presentation, auction or show. Our technology allows you to integrate roomskale on your website or send it as a link.

Video Chats Boost CRM

Just because your presentation is virtual, doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on personalized customer service! With video chat integration, roomskale allows your customers to get answers to their questions in real-time and stroll through your virtual environment together with a company representative who can offer insight, explanations and a personal touch.

Make it More Personal

roomskale enables your visitors the option of contacting you per telephone, Messenger or with an online form. An optional chat bot handles customer requests outside of business hours.

Videos Can Move You

Whether you want to delight or inform your viewers, roomskale’s video walls or TV screens bring life to your virtual space. And the options are stunning: You can integrate testimonials, demonstrations, biopics or behind the scenes production steps.

Product Placement

roomskale can integrate your existing 3D models directly into your virtual trade show or showroom or link these models for access with an interactive player. We can also design individual 3D models and incorporate them in your virtual environment.

We Like Social Media

Today’s businesses are unthinkable without social media. roomskale makes it easy for your customers to share their enthusiasm for your products or your virtual presentation on all the popular platforms. We integrate easy-to-navigate solutions for the likes that could boost your business.

Remote Accessibility

roomskale’s virtual solutions are mobile-friendly and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet without the need for an additional app or plug-in. All your customers need is an Internet connection and a browser and they’re all set for the virtual show to-go.

Virtual Reality + Real Support

Your company is as innovative as your presentation. Our modern technology makes it possible for you to be both cutting edge and customer friendly. With or without a VR headset, roomskale adds an innovative element of fun to your highly informative virtual trade show, showroom or art show.

Total Transparency

We prepare a clear overview of the cost for our services. roomskale has a basic package and a selection of optional extras on a monthly basis for analytics, hosting and maintenance. Contact us for pricing options!